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Raptor Vehicle Tracking brings technology alive to offer you vehicle tracking and recovery that is easy, effective and affordable. With solid backing and a national dealer network, our advanced technology brings you an insurance approved service.

Raptor utilises South Africa’s national GSM cellular network with our network. Our tracking devices are of the best in the world and make use of a combination of GSM, satellite and RF technologies to track and locate your vehicle. All are tried and tested communication solutions.

All our products allow you to securely track and locate your vehicle over the Internet using your PC, laptop or smart phone. Alternatively, you can simply phone our 24 hour call centre.

We have a proven national vehicle recovery service, and our multiple control centres dramatically improve security and service delivery.

We embrace “virtual office” management techniques using the benefits of the internet to its full … VoIP (Internet telephony), conference calling, video conferencing and internet based management software.

The companies IT backbone utilises the internationally acclaimed Head Shed IoT Software supplied and maintained by The Head Shed Software Company. Being web based, modular and fully integrated, this is a very powerful management software package.

We are proud to be a certified member of South Africa’s VESA, and subscribe to their code of business ethics. 

Raptor is approved by:
Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA)

Raptor’s products are approved by:
Accreditation Bureau for Security and Safety (ABS)

Tracking Services



  • In the event of your vehicle being stolen, simply phone our national, 24 hour control centre


Recovery and Web Tracking

  • In the event of your vehicle being stolen, simply phone our national, 24 hour control centre
  • Log on to Raptor’s secure web page using your PC, Laptop or Smartphone to position your vehicle, view vehicle trips and draw reports
  • Alerts: harsh braking, acceleration, harsh cornering, speed and crash alerts


Recovery, Web Tracking and Auto Arm

  • Auto Arm: arm and disarm you vehicle using a remote control … your vehicle will detect its been stolen if it moves without being disarmed
  • In the event of your vehicle being stolen, simply phone our national, 24 hour control centre
  • Log on to Raptor’s secure web page using your PC, Laptop or Smartphone to position your vehicle, view vehicle trips and draw reports
  • Alerts: harsh braking, acceleration, harsh cornering, speed and crash alerts

Additional Services


  • Driver ID used in conjunction with the Hawk service, use a driver tag to start the vehicle and identify the driver

Fleet Management

These powerful features may be added to the Hawk and Eagle services 

  • GeoFence – receive alerts when a vehicle enters and leaves a designated area
  • FishTank – view your entire fleet movement while watching individual vehicles moving without refreshing your browser
  • Trip Replay – replay vehicle trips with the vehicle speeds
  • Day Tripper – view full days trips or single trip only
  • Reports – draw reports by driver, vehicle or fleet

OBD  – Onboard Diagnostics

  • Connect to your vehicles OBD port and view all engine alerts and a host of engine management data


Raptors range of vehicle tracking products are ranked of the best in the world.
They are all VESA SA approved and expertly installed
Note: Further details are not supplied for security reasons

Vehicle Recovery

Raptor has a National Vehicle Recovery network

  • A Vehicle Recovery management team with over 20 years of operational experience.
  • Strategically placed Recovery Teams.
  • Experienced and well equipped Recovery Officers.
  • Strong relationships in place with local law enforcement agencies such as SAPS, Traffic Departments and Emergency Services.

Departments and Emergency Services

  • Recovery Teams which are assisted by multiple, 24 Hour Control Centre’s where a data base of contact details for all the local law enforcement agencies is maintained.
  • Inherent flexibility – the network is expanded to cover new areas as and when the need arises.
    Air support when required.

Insurance Approval

Raptor Vehicle Tracking as a company as well as our products are approved by all of South Africa’s major Insurance companies. 

This accreditation means that by installing a Raptor product in your vehicle, you may qualify for some or all of the following benefits: 

  • Discounts on your monthly premium between 5% and 25%
  • Reduction or removal of theft excess
  • Installing a tracking device usually negates the requirement for an alarm-immobilizer
  • Some Insurance companies insist on a Tracking device being installed into your vehicle if it is valued at above R 150 000 to R 200 000.

Insurance Companies
AA insurance Kingfisher Insurance Company Limited
ABSA Insurance Company Limited Lion of Africa Insurance Company Limited
AIG South Africa Limited Lloyd’s
Alexander Forbes Allianz Insurance Company McCarthy Insurance Services (McSure Limited)
Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd Momentum Short Term Insurance Company Limited
Auto Trade Underwriters (Pty) Ltd MTR Underwriting Agency (Pty) Ltd
Barker MUA Insurance Company Limited
Bloemfontein Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd Mutual & Federal Insurance Company Limited
Brokernet Risk Services (Pty) Ltd New National Assurance Company Limited
Brokernet Risk Services (Pty) Ltd Outsurance Insurance Company Limited
Budget Insurance Paladin Underwriting
Dial Direct Insurance Limited Regent Insurance Company Limited
Dial Direct Insurance Limited Renasa Insurance Company Limited
Ecofin Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd S A Eagle Insurance Company Ltd
Emerald Insurance Company Limited SA Fire Insurance
Enpet Africa Insurance Limited (Alexander Forbes Services) SA Underwriters
Ensemble Trading 545 (Pty) Ltd T/A Ensemble Administrators Safcam Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd 
EVB Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd Santam Limited
First for Woman Standard Insurance Limited
Glenrand MIB Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd TradeSure Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd
Heritage Unity
Indequite Specialised Insurance Limited Wheels Underwriting Managers a division of Truck and General Insurance Company Limited
Kiln Zurich Insurance Company SA Limited

*Please Note: Benefits vary depending on the insurance company and individual policy.

VESA contact details:
Tel: 011 3153588
Fax: 011 3152617
Email: marketing@vesa.co.za
Website: www.vesa.co.za 
Raptor aspires to the VESA code of conduct:


 We, the members of VESA promise:-

  • To be honest with our clients
  • Not to mislead any client or potential client
  • To supply the best possible products and services
  • Not to make false or misleading claims about our products / services, or spread false information about the products of our competitors, and refrain from making statements open to mis-interpretation.
  • To adhere to universally accepted business practices, subscribing to open and healthy competition.
  • Not to act in a way that will damage the image of the vehicle security industry
  • To continuously improve our products and services to provide the best possible protection against theft
  • To keep in touch with the latest technological breakthroughs and changes in relation to the vehicle security industry
  • To promote the improvement of skills and training amongst our staff to the benefit of the vehicle security industry
  • To adhere to the requirements and standards of practice as set by VESA

VESA Membership

Raptor Vehicle Tracking as a VESA Member

We are proud to be an accredited member of VESA (The Motor Vehicle Security Association of South Africa)

Established in 1987, VESA is an independent, non-profit organization that regulates the manufacturing and installation standards of vehicle security systems in South Africa. 

VESA protects the interests of Insurers and the general public from being misled by unscrupulous businesses offering inferior services and products for vehicle security. Consumers have a right to be protected from unfair business practices, poor quality of service and harmful or inferior products. 

Raptor Vehicle Tracking is audited by VESA to ensure that our products, services and business practices live up to the VESA standard. We welcome their involvement, as we feel that it best ensures that you, the customer, can feel confident that the quality of Raptor’s products and services will meet your expectations. 

Should you feel that we have not met your required standards, we would welcome your referring this to VESA in order that they may ensure we deliver a quality product or service to you. 





    Why should I choose Raptor Vehicle Tracking?
    We focus on high quality products and services in order to keep up-to-date with your requirements. Our ongoing commitment to Research & Development ensures we offer the latest products to suit both your needs and those of the insurance industry.
    What is different about Raptor Vehicle Tracking?
    All of our products use cellular phone GSM technology and they all do daily health checks with our control room to ensure they are working. “Web tracking” over the internet is standard and they all use GSM’s “GPRS” communication. This means that we can cost effectively communicate more often with your vehicle. And of course, we are VESA and ABS approved.
    Are Raptor products expensive?
    Our products offer extremely good value. As a rule, they are slightly less expensive than most products, and still offer you a technically advanced product with an excellent range of vehicle recovery and vehicle management services.
    How do I know Raptor products are safe and reliable?
    We have gone through many testing procedures to ensure all our products are safe and that they deliver an optimal service. This includes various testing on the products itself as well as the procedures involved in tracking and recovery. The proof of our commitment to this is evident in the fact that we are approved by both VESA (Vehicle Security Association of South Africa) and ABS (Accreditation Bureau for Security and Safety).
    What is the procedure involved in getting a Raptor unit installed into my vehicle?
    You can email or call us and we will assist you in deciding on the right product for your needs. We organise the installation to come to you, when and where suits you.
    Can the unit be fitted into any vehicle?
    How do I know my Raptor unit is in working order?
    The tracking device sends daily health checks to our control centre to ensure all is well. You will receive a monthly sms confirming this. We monitor your unit for you and if there are any problems we will contact you.
    Can I see where my vehicle is on the Internet?
    By simply logging on to Raptor’s web page and entering your username and password, you can see where your vehicle is on a map. This is standard across all of Raptor’s products. The Falcon unit gives you an “area position”, while the Hawk and the Eagle both give you precise, street level positions.
    Can I see where my vehicle has been over the last few days and get reports giving me this information?
    If you select either the Hawk of the Eagle product, you can subscribe to our “Owl” service which gives you very useful information as to where the vehicle has been over the previous three months. You can get a whole host of information as well vehicle speed, distance traveled and a lot more.
    How long is my contract with Raptor?
    Twelve months, after which it is on a month-to-month basis.
    What do I do once I discover my vehicle has been stolen?
    You phone the control centre and we send out our nation-wide, experienced recovery team to find and recover your vehicle. We will be in contact with you about what happened to your vehicle and organise to have it returned once we have recovered it.
    Will my monthly rate increase each time my vehicle gets stolen?
    Is there a recovery fee?
    What is the procedure to decrease my insurance premiums?
    You will have to discuss this with your insurance company. Most Insurance companies offer discounts on your monthly premiums if you have an approved Vehicle Tracking Unit installed.
    What happens when I sell my car?
    You have two options:
    Firstly, you can sell your vehicle with the unit included and transfer the monthly payments to the new owner.
    Secondly, you may have the unit de-installed and re-installed into your new vehicle. The cost involved in this would be only the installation cost.
    What are Raptors office hours?
    Our National Call center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our administrative office is open Monday to Friday, eight am to five pm.

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